Made in Palermo, bold and glamor: Cabina Rizzo is a brand without compromise in not being perfect but unique, showing itself in its essential authenticity.

A one-way journey without return, with destination Mondello. Slowly, without haste.
Can you already smell the sea?

The vision we find in front of our eyes is precisely that of the beach of Mondello, with its soft colors between sea, rocks and sand. Thus, everything comes from here, from the colors that become a palette and the consistency of the details that become textures.
But this, for Fabiana Rizzo, founder of the brand Cabina Rizzo is purely “home“.

We had the opportunity to know her and discover the true story behind the simplicity and nostalgic aesthetics of her project.

What is Cabina Rizzo?

Cabina Rizzo is a space, my space. What I have always carried with me. In this space I design and create clothes and accessories or accessorized clothes. A vision of my reality that has always been an idea of what I have around me and which I understood what to do with it. My self-determination, my freedom. Pleasing myself rather than pleasing the people to work for.

I have always had colors in front of me, explosions of sunsets and dawns, languid fires and boiling sand. The soft colors are not compliant, they are strong even if not shouted like the sand in August that burns under the feet.

I have always been in search of stories, especially of my family; I have always hidden myself in memory, in lack, in melancholy, basically I have always found that burning sensation between throat and stomach comfortable. From the lack, the name “cabinaRizzo” comes just when that community world, irregular, imperfect, aesthetically very strong, is canceled from my landscape, remaining however between photos and stories: Mondello’s cabins no longer exist from 2020 but I do, and so I have been looking for a new way to say “I miss you“.

What is the idea behind it and where does come from?

My idea of Mondello is of an extremely beautiful place, strongly identifying, but at risk, as if many had the same idea but then, in fact, did not know what to do with that place and often it was a brutalizing force to act.
So I proposed my journey on a mythical, mythological, means of transport which has been able to ferry the weariness of people from Palermo into a well-deserved rest, vacation, the respite of the sea.

What is its essence or fund philosophy?

My vision is influenced by this strong and defective aesthetic but without drama, the defect for me is to be highlighted, the mistake is glamorous and daring, you can’t please everyone but certainly you can attract attention.

Tell us something about the latest collection. Why create it right now?

All of the collection of the ‘il 6 bello‘ is delicate but not languid, unpleasant. The accessories are strong and soft, clothes have sharp and soft lines. The fabrics do not arm but affirm the bodies.

What is the ultimate goal of your brand?

Zammù is a very strong alcoholic but you can dilute in the water and here is a fresh summer, familiar and convivial drink. This is my idea of reality, everything looks sweet and tenuous but nothing is stunning. There is a force that can amaze behind the most tender memory.

Interview curated by Natia Girsiashvili