A concept does not always need uncountable variations and martian shapes to be futurist. 

Lauren Perrin was born in Biarritz, french by birth but London-adopted. She took her first steps studying menswear in Paris, then she started to grow dher fashion identity in fashion publishing, working as a stylist for Dazed and AnOther Magazine. Her artistic profile evolves in 2020, when she launches her first gloves and tights collection, signing as an independent designer.

In her case, essentiality is the main ingredient of her avant-garde vision. The item selection is essential. This brand basically produces only two items: tights and gloves. Similarly, the productive mission is essential as everything is sustainable and entirely made in the UK in Lauren’s London studio, in a very limited number.

The brand identity is essential: the designer carefully protects her independence, focusing on handmade production and ecology. In addiction, materials and fabric selection stay essential, since almost the entirety of her gloves and tights are made of a thick extra-elastic jersey. A guarantee of complete comfort and durability.

The brand concept is everything but simple, though. So, the final result evokes an alien allure that, despite taking inspiration from the past, expresses a strong experimental and forward-looking feature.
The selection includes optical prints from the ‘70s, applications of vintage buttons, pins and mirrors, ethno tie-dye and Victorian-like tulle, satin and lace pieces. It goes through unpredictable fusions, from quotes to references which create an unexpected mix of styles unable to look out of place.

Choosing tights as signature piece is a bold and non-trivial action, especially when the idea is to lend them a new artistic value. Strictly linked to fashion culture, tights have already been a turning point for female clothing starting from the ‘60s. Today howe, they are an affordable and common item worldwide, a simple useful garment without that much of an aesthetic value.

Evening gloves made of jersey are the reinterpretation of accessories having an ancient tradition themselves. The designer makes them a second skin, an arm-tight layer whose impression gets closer to body paint or tattooing than to clothing. It’s true that Lauren Perrin’s creations own an independent communicative strength, but above all they are some powerful styling tools able to twist a look on many levels, especially matching tights and gloves worn combined.

Not only futuristic aesthetic, the brand looks further and takes its position on ecology. Certainly, other than the ethical choice of a limited handmade production trying to get in the way of consumerism, the website has a whole section dedicated to the features of eco-friendly packaging, designed to be completely compostable.

The creative identity of Lauren Perrin exposes itself with a revolutionary approach, aiming to change all the old gears of the fashion system, fighting them peacefully but bravely. Dresscode? Tights, of course.