Italian artist POL100 is releasing his last EP ‘Chasms Where Streams Fall And Disperse’ via Copenaghen label Katharsis.

The intention of Katharsis label, founded by electronic musician jjjacob in 2020, is to show the world how music is our best tool to process moods, thoughts and emotions by self-therapeutic involvement with the arts.

Second Katharsis release of the year, this five track record expands the artist’s reflective approach to ambient music opening to new forms of experimentation with sound effects.

Through this latest work, POL100 (Paolo Maiarelli) aims to take us on an intense voyage through a more meditative approach that is reflected in the sound design.
Each track becomes an interpretation of how the passage of water through underground rock veins creates unique elements.

It’s underground where things are much more unpredictable than above the surface. And it is precisely the unpredictability of the earth and nature, in their constant transformation, to become a source of inspiration for ‘Chasms Where Streams Fall And Disperse‘.

In this scenario, since the first single release ‘Onyx’, the EP turns toward a combination of delicate synth melodies, oniric atmospherics and subtle breaths of ambient noise.

The 3D accompanying music video by digital artist Francesco Da Tos (also known as Cecco Meraviglia) is an equally dreamy visual of a mineral that explores its textural details and colorful layers.

POL100 – Chasms Where Streams Fall And Disperse streaming/buy via Bandcamp, SoundCloud.

Mixed by Jacopo Massaretti
Mastered by jjjacob
Artwork by jjjacob
Video for Onyx by Cecco Meraviglia