Magnificent atmosphere, a touch of Ancien RĂ©gime and nothing left to chance.

DENNJ, young designer, is the perfect host to an amazing dinner party for the launch of the SS22 collection. A live performance staged a dinner with friends, a party that could be spied through the keyhole, where the audience could participate discreetly.

The three points of view increase the viewer’s empathy. In fact, the scene can be seen from outside, behind the window, as a kind of masterpiece of old silent cinema. The window is embellished with a stylization of a sixteenth-century cloister, reproducing the aspect of the exclusive location where the event takes place.

The location, The Cloister, is a vintage concept store in the heart of the city center.

In the main room a muslin veil splits the scene from the floor area, leaving access to the audience to give a closer look to the performance, allowing laughter and silverware tinkling to be heard. The girls at the round table wear vintage cotton corsets, soft skirts adorned with lace or silk panels, embodying the collection’s essence and showcasing DENNJ Hortus Conclusus

As you climb the stairs, the view widens and guests can see the whole scene from above. White is predominant, pastel shades are subtle: the colors of food delicacies and flowery decorations stand out at first glance in that elegant bright frame.

Hortus Conclusus is a collection inspired by the monastic world, a continuous point and counterpoint between clerical and anticlerical. A modern reinterpretation of the priest’s habit and the tunic of the minister: this is the disruptive choice of DENNJ, which breaks the mold and honors tradition at the same time.

Contrasts are evoked by the combination of fabric selection and design choices, between ironic prints of children’s clothing and Victorian-era quotes. The brand iconic corset is still a must-have: the soft ribbons that close it at the back allow for a fit that suits all sizes. It is also created with fabrics from preloved garments and drags history into the contemporary.