Discrimination, verbal and physical abuse, compulsion. ANTI is a declaration of revolution against every form of violence. 

PWC joins forces with Germoglio Viola, an association supporting women with difficult pasts, and with an incredible team of artists who frequently step in via Pietro Custodi.

Thus was born ANTI, a show of harmonies and excesses touching antithetical edges between irony and holiness, that turns rage into art as the only weapon against ignorance and prejudice.

The event takes place at Rocket Club, an hotspot for Milan nightlife. A nightlife living out of youth, life and fashion which is a central element for the growth of PWC vision. The renowned shop is way more than a simple vintage store, it links past and future hosting the collections and archive pieces from the most interesting new designers in town.

27 looks, 27 stylists per 27 models: the art personas who gravitate around PWC’s world walk the runway in a swing of eclecticism and reminiscence. The effect is a ritual that glorifies the qualities of PWC, its founder Maria Aminta Daniele and the whole Milan creative ecosystem.

Backstage show report ACRE x ANTI a PWC Show:
All credits to Virginia Pollastrelli

All credits to Virginia Pollastrelli