One day this world seemed like a safe, quiet place, but it really wasn’t. Now, someone has tripped an alarm or something. 
This is a fire escape.   
Fire Escape is a selection of the latest monthly releases by Acre
We tripped the alarm, now you can get out of here.   

Floating Points, Pharoah Sanders, London Symphony Orchestra – Promises (Luaka Bop)

Last work by the British deejay and composer Sam Shepherd, best known as Floating Points, which sees a collaboration with the legendary American saxophone player Pharoah Sanders, all engineered together with the London Symphony Orchestra. What comes out is a short but intense album, built on the same theme that develops within forty-six minutes within nine different Movement. Unmissable for jazz lovers, it is an album that cradles the listener throughout its duration and needs careful and meditative listening.

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Reece Cox – Emotion 1 (Kulør)

Kulør is one of those labels that, since its birth in 2018, release after release, is building a solid and unitary path placing itself as a reference point for techno and contemporary dance electronic music. Head of the label is the talented deejay Courtesy, who, starting from the first V/A , has put together key artists of the electronic scene of the Danish capital, building an excellent map to dive into it. This latest release marks the number 8 of the label catalog, and fully confirms what has been said.

Signed Reece Cox, it’s composed of five different tracks which four of them are remixes of the first Emotion 1 that gives the name to the EP, a trance orchestra that is beautifully developed by other artists. Ibon, a name already known to the most affectionate listeners of the label, brings nine minutes of 150 BPM’s tekno-style beat, an epic and dreamy track; Parris remix gives the electro touch, while Call Super modulates everything very well with his personal style. While upsammy remix is perfect as a close, giving the sweetest interpretation of the main track. What amazes most about this release is the ability of the artists involved to create different remixes making them always play in an original way and never taken for granted. Highly recommended.

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Vegyn – Like a good old friend (PLZ Make It Ruins)

Joe Thornalley aka Vegyn, brings out his new EP on time for these first spring days. Producer, graphic designer, and deejay, boss of the PLZ Make It Ruins label, the British artist is known for being one of the closest collaborators of Frank Ocean, working as a producer on the fundamental album Blonde. While retaining its classic glitch traits, this release sees a house twist of its typical sound, adding emotion, becoming at times melancholic and a bit ‘nostalgic, but still maintaining a good base of carefree. Overall it is a very smooth listening, we are far from the megalomania of Text While Driving If You Want to Meet God (his mega-mixtape of 2019 composed of seventy-one tracks).

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Donato Dozzy & Daniele Di Gregorio – Buchla & Marimba (Maga Circe Musica)

Master Donato Dozzy returns to stimulate our ears and our minds with this release that inaugurates his new label, Maga Circe Musica. The title explains what we are listening to within the album: an unprecedented dialogue between the legendary American analog synth Buchla and the percussion instrument of African origin. These two instruments are skillfully handled by Dozzy together with Daniele Di Gregorio, a vibraphonist and expert user of Marimba. What emerges is an elegant construction divided into six parts between minimalist electronics and meditative music. A classy opening for a label whose birth can only please us, and we look forward to hearing the next releases.

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Ecco2k – PXE (Year 0001)

Ecco2k, born Zak Arogundade, is the enigmatic co-founder of the Swedish cloud rap collective Drain Gang, composed together with Bladee, Thaiboy Digital, and producers Whitearmor and Yung Sherman. After his 2019 debut album E, he returns with a surprise EP in which he takes on the role of singer and producer. The entire album is accompanied by an audiovisual story illustrated by Freddie Carasco, in which the lyrics take the form of a dialogue between the fictional characters Ecco and Echo. With an introspective lyrical construction, Ecco2k’s music can be described as a spontaneous mix of hyper-pop, cloud/emo-rap and digitized pop-punk in HD, all in just five tracks for the total duration of ten minutes.

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Moken – No Prisoners (SOIL)

New release on the Spanish label SOIL for the Milanese trio Moken which we have already covered on the occasion of the release of this EP. Accompanied by the mastering of Thomas P. Heckmann, their raw sound is distributed on four tracks that if put on the right sound system do not take prisoners. Darkwave and EBM in their purest form, accompanied by tormented vocals that bring echoes of Nitzer Ebb and British Murder Boys. Uncompromising music with liberating potential for these troubled times. Handle with care.

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ZULI – All Caps (UIQ)

Another hit scored for the Egyptian producer ZULI, who returns to the Lee Gamble’s label UIQ with a corrosive EP and unstable as all its sound. His electronic music is very hard, and it is particularly so in this latest release. Nevertheless, it is not enough to travel easy roads, but sews with great skill the breaks that go in different directions: from a wild drum’n’bass, passing techno to trap sounds, even inserting an unexpected rap verse in Arabic-language in Where Do You Go. An EP that these days reminds us of how much energy you can unleash on a dancefloor.

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Andy Stott – The Beginning (Modern Love) 

The release that warmed this 2021 was certainly this. It is the first single that anticipates the new album ‘Never the Right Time‘, announced by Andy Stott himself and coming on April 16th. A highly anticipated return since the beginning of 2020 when, according to a press release, the album was almost ready for release. Thus ‘The Beginning’ marks the beginning of a new chapter, going towards an evolution compared to previous works. Listening to the single we perceive something desolate, melancholy, provocative but at the same time delicate. It is a club track that mingles with the voice of Alison Skidmore, collaborator of the producer, triggering a sound that Stott defined as “human in all its awkward asymmetry“.

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ENNY – Same Old (FAMM)

Born in London, the young singer/ rapper ENNY (aka Enitan Adepitan) never ceases to be talked about and gives us this latest release in the wake of her recent collaboration with Jorja Smith. “Same Old” is a reflection on the results of gentrification and Brexit (“Fuck you and your gentrification“), on social media and the daily struggles that each of us faces. Masked behind a jazzy and sunny rhythm, the song highlights all that is unique about the uncompromising young artist. Elsewhere, the British rapper explores the pain of unrequited love and the banal repetition of her love interests, all expressed in a fluid poetic flow.

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Jelani Blackman – Gone Freestyle (18 Records/eOne Music UK)

After gaining a significant following with his singles “Tricky”, “Hello” and “Foolish”, Jelani Blackman kicked off 2021 with a fiery freestyle for SBTV’s warm-up sessions. ‘Gone (SBTV Freestyle)’ sees Jelani unleash her frustrations over the blockade in England and the government’s handling of the pandemic in unprecedented flow. His sound is strongly influenced by R&B and soul, it deflects stereotypes, mixing the hard with the soft, the dark with the light; he is certainly one of the most versatile and distinctive voices on the British scene at the moment.

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