Can you wear a bra in a different way? The designer Stefano Marcantoni gave me an answer.

According to a recent study in the last two years, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the least purchased item of clothing has been the bra. In fact, its discomfort goes back to the braces that promptly move and to the presence of the wires that mark our body. Long before the pandemic and lockdown, “the first thing I did when I got home was to release the constriction of my underwire bra as soon as I’m in the hallway. There is no greater liberation”.

With Bra Shoes, the lacing mark, the inadequacy proven by the choice of the wrong model, the weight of the cup that makes us feel uncomfortable have become the emblem of comfort and adaptability.

“In that last year of “work immobility” I had to get close to new ideas and inspirations in the domestic space, and I had the opportunity to observe my wife Annalisa and her strength in being a woman, a wife and a mom. Because of that I dedicate this project to her and I want to live it with her.

It all started this summer, during a day of work in Belgium, a trip that I made with Annalisa. After seeing kilometers and thoughts, sensations and emotions, together we created Bra.
“It is the abbreviation of the more famous wanderbra. It was born in the lockdown, as the female product that had suffered more in terms of declining sales was the bra”.

It is a brand that knows the struggle for independence but is also a conscious and sustainable product with a low environmental impact. It dresses those who feel like women and caress the earth.

In fact, starting from the idea of re-using the suspenders of discarded bras, Smile was born. A sandal made with technical material such as lycra in a range of colorful and fun colors. In addition, the five elements (water, air, earth, fire and ether) create a capsule collection in collaboration with FightGently in a limited edition of secondary shades only in the regenerated items.