Metallic, resistant and cold like steel. Indestructible.
The contemporary description of strength and capability coexisting with sharp erotism rises to a pure and potential claim of women’s self-reliance.

This is Adriana Tossut and Camilla La Gala’s vision, starting afar and going way beyond. Parallel realities and conceivable unrealities take shape, where an unscratchable, robotic, ice woman lives.
Inspired to Hajime Sorayama’s work, this project brings the female sci-fi robotic representations conceived by the japanese artist to an earthly dimension, still saving their alien nature and the indestructible erotic charm.

Silver skin, shiny bustiers and sharp jewelry; the persistence of metallic components added to the iridescence of the light points takes us back to a supernatural world, but with sophisticated sensuality where the most human and primordial entity simply emerges: a woman.
Like a thousand others, strong and not diminished by gender stereotypes or discrimination on her appearance. Master of herself and her decisions, aware of the goals she can achieve. A woman as beautiful as she is self-determined

She wears an ultra-glamour armor made of corsets, helmets and headdresses by Flavia Cavalcanti Costumes and accessories by Vanesi Gioielli; is also shaped by Bartolotta&Martorana’s tailoring products which play with volumes; moreover she shines for the effect of Alberto Zambelli’s evanescent textures and changing reflexes.

The research is profound and the stylistic choices, while maintaining a certain variety, valorize craftsmanship and independent brands, giving even more value to the message.

This amazon from the future wears scenic props and unique pieces, giving life to a new icon style that is elevated to an experimental study, taking from past archives and evolving into new dimensions that are still unknown.

Art Direction and Photography: Adriana Sydney
Styling: Camilla La Gala
Model: Glyne Mae 
MUA and Hair: Bianca Bagnoli
Graphic: Polly 
Assistant MUA and Hair: Elisa Maisetti 
Light Assistant: Antonio D’Amora 
Assistant Styling: Giovanna Silvestri 
Agency: Women Management Milano 
Location: Milano